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Mississippi "MUD" Volleyball Rules

mud2  1. All games played on an approximately 60' x 30' court, with a minimum of 6" of Mississippi MUD.

2. The penalty for practically every foul is the loss of the ball for the side serving or loss of the point if the receiving side fouls.

3. The ball must be served by the right back, near the rear out of bounds line and may be hit in any manner with the hand. NO OVERHEAD SERVES ALLOWED.

4. Only one serve is allowed per side and it must land within the opponent's court. If the ball touches the net on a serve, it is in unless, it falls out of play.

5. It is a foul for players to touch the net, to touch an opponent by reaching over or under the net, or to interfere with play on the opposite side.

6. Holding or throwing the ball while it is in play is a foul. The play must be a distinct batting of the ball.

7. Boundaries will be marked by a water filled tube. A ball landing on any part of the tube is considered "IN", the ball must cross over the net to be a valid volley.

8. A point will be scored on each server "rally scoring rules".

9. If a ball touches a player or a player touches a ball he is considered as having played the ball.

10. One leg must be in the pit while playing a shot.  If momentum carries the player out of the court it is ok.

11. The ball may be played only three times by one team in a volley and a player must not play it twice in succession, but may play it twice, if it is played by a teammate in between.

12. Players of the serving team must rotate clockwise when receiving the ball to serve and the back right must serve.

13. Players may shift positions after the ball is served.

14. A change in player rotation cannot be made during the game, except for injury substitution.

15. Substitutes may be rotated into the game at the server's position only, except for an injury substitution.

16. Each Team must have a minimum of 4, of which at least 2 must be women.

17. Everyone participating must wear shoes. Metal tipped spikes or cleats are not allowed. Players may be asked by referee or official to verify.

18. Any player arguing with or abusing an official will be asked to leave the game and immediate vicinity. Failure to leave will cause his/her team to forfeit that match. A player ejected from a match will not be allowed to participate in any further matches.

19. All players under 18 years old must have a signed waver. Waivers can be found at ymens.org.


21. Coin flip for FIRST GAME ONLY, teams will alternate courts next two games. Teams are not allowed to leave the pits between games. Players may leave provided it does not stop play in the game.

22. Each team is allowed a five minute injury time out. If participant is unable to continue after five minutes, they must be replaced. He / She may not enter remainder of that game.

23. Each team is allowed one 30 second time out per game.

24. First game is forfeited after 5 minutes, second game & match is forfeited after 10 minutes. Time will be kept at the Scorer's Table.

25. Throughout the tournament Rally Scoring will be used for all games. Teams will play games 1 and 2 to 15 points and game 3 to 11 points, win by 2.

26. All players must be listed on original rosters. NO ONE CAN BE ON MULTIPLE TEAMS. Penalty is match forfeiture.

27. All substitutions must be approved by the tournament committee.

28. YMCA of Hannibal will have times & days of 1st Match. All other Match Times will be the responsibility of the teams.

29. A tournament rules committee will have final decisions on all issues including, but not limited to, weather and rules interpretation.

30. Coin Flip.  Top team on the card calls the flip.  Winner choice of side or serve.

31. Serve plays if in bounds, even if it hits the net.


32. Wait for referee to blow whistle prior to each serve.  Failure is side out and loss of point.



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